Use Facebook to Attract All the Clients You Need

Open to all men and women small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, holistic healers, and more.
  • Do you want to use Facebook to attract a flood of clients to your business, but you just aren't sure how to get started?

  • Are you already using Facebook and want to learn the most effective strategies to convert followers into raving fans?

  • Are you confused by the new timeline and want to discover ways it can turn your Facebook page into the envy of your competition?

If you said "Yes" to any of these questions, then I welcome you to attend an upcoming full-day workshop that will help you:
  • Know exactly how to use Facebook to gain the most exposure for your business
  • Know the right and wrong things to post to attract a flood of your ideal clients.
  • Get all the clients you want while doing zero selling
Come learn what works and what doesn't in using Facebook to attract a flood of ideal clients and all the how-to that comes with it...

Facebook Marketing Made Simple: 
A Live "How-to" Program

Facebook Marketing Training Program

You will be taken step-by-step and shown exactly how to use Facebook as an effective marketing tool to grow your business by marketing to the right people and attracting ideal clients to your business. We will get into the what, the why and the how. 

You have my guarantee that you will leave this program knowing so much more about Facebook than you ever thought there even was to know. We go into great depth for each topic. I cram in a ton of information, yet you won't leave overwhelmed because I personally walk you through each step. You will leave the day knowing exactly what to do and feel confident that you have the support to move forward on your own.

Julie Remele

"Personal Commitment Towards Each Student"

"When I first attended Kim’s Facebook Marketing Made Simple workshop, I didn’t even have a Facebook account. Kim very quickly helped me to overcome my fear of using Facebook. She went through so many aspects that I left the workshop feeling confident enough to explore on my own. Upon completion of the workshop, I not only have a Facebook account, but a business page with a bunch of "likers." I definitely recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to use it to grow their business but have a fear of using the site. Kim’s knowledge that she shares in the workshop is very in-depth. I was very impressed with Kim’s personal commitment towards each student to not only understand but exceed by keeping the conversation open for questions long after the course has ended via groups in Facebook. "

~ Julie Remele


The next workshop will be held: November 9, 2012

There will be two bonus calls on Nov 6 and Nov 28. See bonus section below for more details.

Time: 8:15 am - 6:00 pm

Proposed Timeframes: 
8:15 - 9:00 Registration, setting up laptops, connecting to the Internet
9:00 - 12:30 - Presentation and hands-on learning (Breaks will be incorporated)
12:30-1:30 - Lunch (Included in cost of program)
1:30 - 6:00 - Presentation and hands-on learning (Breaks will be incorporated)
6:00 - 6:30 - Wrap-up and networking


Throughout the course of this 1-day program, as you follow along in your own Facebook account, I will take you step-by-step how to use all the various features within Facebook to market your business successfully. You should bring your laptop or iPad with you to access your Facebook account through the Internet. 

Don't have a Facebook account yet? Don't worry...I'll get you all set up when you attend the BONUS Special Preparation Call. (See Bonus section below)



MassBay Community College, Wellesley Campus
50 Oakland St, Wellesley, MA
Right off Routes 9 and 16 and very close to I-95 and Rte 128


Module 1: Facebook, Personal Acct, Timeline, Pages, Groups, Oh my…

A list of questions that will be answered during module 1:

  • What is the difference between a personal account and a business page?
  • Facebook has groups? What would I use them for?
  • What is the purpose of using Facebook for business?
  • Do I need a page or is a personal account sufficient?
  • Should I have people connect with me through my account or my page?
  • How do my personal page and my business page interact? Should they interact? What’s the best way that they should interact?
  • How can I use these in the best way to build my business?
  • What if I don't yet have a personal Facebook account? Never fear, we can take care of that for you.

Module 2: Creating and Maintaining Facebook Pages

A list of questions that will be answered during module 2:

  • How do I create a page?
  • How do I name my page? Can I change it later?
  • How do I add a profile picture?
  • What type of profile picture should I use on my page? 
  • What is the cover photo? How do I add one? What is the purpose?
  • What are the rules of the cover photo?
  • How do I find my page after I create it?

Module 3: It’s All About Your Followers

A list of questions that will be answered during module 3:

  • How do I get followers ("likers")?
  • How can I choose what will appear below my cover photo?
  • How do I highlight or feature a certain post?
  • What is the use of photos and images on my Facebook page?
  • What is an alias, or username? Why do I want one, and how do I get one?
  • It is now taking me to my page instead of my profile, why is that?
  • How do I post on a timeline as my page instead of as my personal account? 
  • What is the new Subscribe button?

Module 4: Building Relationships. Let’s Go Make Some Friends

A list of questions that will be answered during module 4:

  • What do I post?
  • What makes a good post?
  • How do I get people to like my posts and even better, comment on them?
  • How do I create an event in Facebook?
  • When would I use the event feature?
  • How can I get people to see the events I create?

Module 5: Tracking Your Progress

A list of questions that will be answered during module 5:

  • What does it mean when you have impressions?
  • Can everyone see these statistics?
  • How come I see more posts from people I don't like as much, yet never see a post from my spouse or best friend?
  • How can I keep track of what is being read on my page?
  • Why do the impressions vary so much between posts?
  • I didn’t know that you can control how often a post appears. How do I keep getting a post to show up at the top?
  • Come with any questions you have that I haven’t answered yet.


Bonus #1 - Special Preparation Group Call (60 minutes)

Phone Call
Scheduled: November 6 at 1:00 pm
Everyone will be coming into the program at various levels of Facebook expertise, so this call will help to get everyone up to speed on a few basics of Facebook in preparation for the full-day program.

This call will be useful to anyone who may not have a Facebook account, or may have one but feels they need a little knowledge on how to "make friends", post an update or move around through Facebook.

This call will be recorded. Unless you have been using Facebook for a while, I highly recommend you attend this call live.

Bonus #2 - Q&A Group Call (2 hours)

Phone Call
Scheduled: November 28 at 9:30 am
I will address your top questions. The call takes place a few weeks after the program to give everyone a chance to use what they have learned. As you run into issues or questions, make a list of them to bring to this call or come and learn from the questions of others. This call will be recorded.

Bonus #3 - Ongoing Support through a Private Facebook Group

Ongoing Support
You will be given access to my private Facebook support group. You will continue to learn from this community because you get access to me, as well as previous Facebook Marketing Made Simple attendees who have been growing their business with Facebook. 

The group provides ongoing support as you learn and use Facebook to market your business. It provides a community for ideas, a place to ask and answer Facebook Marketing-related questions and even learn how Facebook groups work.

Bonus #4 - Click-by-Click Action Handouts

Step by Step Instructions
There's nothing worse than going to a training program and coming home to wonder, "so how did she do that?" Instead, you will receive click-by-click instructions on how to do everything we cover during the program. I may even include some extra instructions on helpful items we may not be able to cover.

No more searching for the link or the button, just look it up on the handout.

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About the Presenter 

Photo of Kim ReddingtonKim Reddington’s entrepreneurial career started in 1995 after she decided that dropping her year old son off at day care every day was just too heart-wrenching. She realized the only way to have the flexibility she needed was to create it herself. That’s when she just quit and took off on her own.

Kim’s journey has led her to helping other women entrepreneurs think big with their online marketing to get all the clients they need and is known as a Client-Generating Website Guru. Facebook is one of the methods she shares with her clients to help them drive traffic to their website and build trust and credibility within their niche.

Kim is known to "present with style and grace" according to Donna Caissie. Susanne Liebich states that "Kim has great energy and is very thorough." Both were attendees at various workshops Kim has presented.


Michele Duggan

"A growing number of followers who 'like' my page"

"I attended Kim's Facebook Marketing Made Simple Workshop Series because I wanted to start using Facebook to market my Holistic Physical Therapy business; however, I didn't even have a Facebook account. Kim managed to get me up to speed very quickly, teaching me the ins and outs of Facebook along the way. Now I not only have a personal account, I also have a growing number of followers who "like" my business page. I am definitely more comfortable with all things Facebook. I would highly recommend Kim's Facebook Marketing Made Simple Workshop Series to others. It was good value for all that was learned. "

~ Michele Duggan,
Michele Duggan

"Hands-on approach in an interactive classroom"

"I am the Public Relations Chiropractic Assistant for Cedar Chiropractic in Hopkinton. I attended Kim's Facebook Marketing Made Simple Workshop Series because I knew there were many things that I needed to learn about using a Facebook business page to market Cedar Chiropractic for Dr. Belesi. I started the workshop with 2 "likers" on the business page and had limited knowledge on what I should be posting and sharing. During Kim's workshop, I was able to learn how to effectively market on Facebook using a hands-on approach in an interactive classroom environment. By implementing the ideas and suggestions that I learned from this workshop series, I was able to get much more than enough followers to be able to pick a Facebook page vanity URL. The most important thing that Kim shared was to teach us how to make the most out of our posts and to give us some great ideas on the types of posts that work well in Facebook for getting us maximum exposure. I would definitely recommend Kim's Facebook Marketing Made Simple Workshop Series to anyone looking to market their business using Facebook pages. "

~ Sharon Grimm,
Lisa Shapiro

"Kim’s workshop series was really well done."

"When I started Kim’s Facebook Marketing Made Simple Workshop Series, I only had 8 likes and my proficiency was around a C-. Kim’s workshop series was really well done. My favorite parts were what types of things to post and learning that the statistics showed the correlation between posts and when activities and likers responses dovetailed. Just a few short weeks later, I am now at 40 followers, and I’m getting better at maneuvering between my personal profile and my company pages. Would I recommend this workshop series to other people? Yes, yes, yes."

~ Lisa Shapiro,
Ann Newberry

"This series covers everything!"

"I loved everything about Kim’s Facebook Marketing Made Simple Workshop Series. I always thought it would be nice to use Facebook for business and now I know how! The practice and follow-up from Kim really helped. This series covers everything. "

~ Ann Newberry,
Gina Govoni

"Perfect timing for where I am with my business."

"I was just a basic user before I took Kim’s Facebook Marketing Made Simple Workshop Series. I enjoyed learning how to market with my business page and all of the uses of it. I am just getting started but feel much more knowledgeable now. It was perfect timing for where I am with my business. I would recommend this series to other women entrepreneurs because it was a great learning experience. "

~ Gina Govoni,

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